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session, project 1


It’s the start that stops most people.


① Project Text

Speaking the some texts again and again is the key to achieve a natural style of speaking German. Important structures will become second nature and you will soon be able to apply these structures - even in contexts that are completely different from those of project text.

project text 1
12 minutes studying

② Flashcards

Study #17-32 (The cards with P1S2 in the top corner)

Don't rush through your flashcards. It's much more motivating to take your time for each flashcard, and study with all the different sensory channels our cards offer: Look at the picture, write the words, listen to the audio, and pronounce the words and sentences yourself. This is proven to increase retention time!

10 minutes studying

③ Special

SHIT! It's already your second session and you still don't know how to swear properly in German? Learn how with today's sketch and learn the most universal German swear word that has many different equivalents in English.

3 minutes studying

④ App

You don't just want to understand, you want to speak, right? The apps turn every single howwedu 512 word into active vocabulary.

App 2
16-20 minutes studying

image attribution: Chris Florence https://www.flickr.com/photos/chrisflorence/7542642880/

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