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session, project 1


“Don't watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.” - Sam Levenson


① Project Text

Speak, and learn about the value of slowness. → project text 1
12 minutes studying

② Special

Invest most of your time in actually speaking German. Repeat what is said - with the flashcards, apps and texts as often as you can. Listening and reading alone does not do the trick...

2 minutes reading

③ Flashcards

Study #33-48 (The cards with P1S3 in the top corner)

Before clicking to go the next card, repeat the word of the current flashcard aloud 3 times.

Did you know? Our choice of vocabulary is skills- rather than knowledge-oriented. What does that mean? The living room, the bathroom, the bedroom, the office, the kitchen - these are all words that are being used in the same sort of sentences. “Where's the bathroom/living room/office...” “This is our bedroom/living room/office...” “What a beautiful living room/kitchen/bedroom...!” “Let's go into the living room/office/bedroom...”
More than other German courses, we will consider the little words like what, where, if, so, how, that... that can be used in a lot of different ways and are important for structures: “How are you?” “Do you know how she...” “How to...”
Knowing these so-called structure or function words really well when completing the course gives you the ability to apply confidently in various ways all the new content words (living room, bedroom...) you learn afterwards. The other way around, it doesn't work.
If at any time, however, you feel like you want to concentrate on typical beginners' content words that are not all taught in our course (weather, colours, rooms, clothing ...) have a look at our resources for independent study (click resources in the navigation bar). We will soon post material for these content words as well.
10 minutes studying

④ App

Apply your knowledge and learn about the particles denn and doch.

App 3
21 minutes studying

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