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session, project 1


“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” - Winston Churchill


① Project Text

Play with the volume and listen closely.

project text 1
12 minutes studying

② Special

Language Tip: The narrative present. You already know that in German, the Präsens is the standard tense to talk about the future, but it can also be used to tell stories in the past. Not for facts like: "Yesterday I went shopping.", but if you have a story to tell like: "You won't believe that! Yesterday I went shopping, nothing special, but then I went to this café in Schiller Street and guess who I met there? … J. K. Rowling!" using the present here is totally alright and even adds some drama to what you want to say. Keep this versatility in mind as a motivation when you study the present.

2 minutes reading

③ Flashcards

Study #65-80 (The cards with P1S5 in the top corner)

In the last flashcard session, you've learned various ways to say hello and goodbye. While it's important to be familiar with all of them - there is nothing more frustrating than when you're travelling to a foreign country and realize that you don't even understand the most basic phrases - keep in mind that you don't have to use all of them actively. It's perfectly alright to pick one or two. As it can be a pain in the ass to review very similar flashcards, you can either delete the others (press Del while reviewing the card you want to delete or click on more in the bottom right corner and select delete note or make them German-English instead of English-German cards, to practice understanding, but not active use. Click edit in the bottom left corner and move the content of "Wort+Artikel" (e.g. "Servus!") to the field "English" (e.g. "Hello! (south)") and vice-versa.

11 minutes studying

④ App

Apply your knowledge and learn about the plural forms.

App 5
20 minutes studying

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