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session, project 1


❝To have another language is to possess a second soul.❞ ‒ Charlemagne


① Project Text

Wash out your ears. This simple technique will help you get closer to a natural pronunciation.

project text 1
12 minutes studying

② Special

Study tip: Try to use the link word method for words that you otherwise can’t remember. It’s a system “based on the similarity of the sounds of words. The process involves creating an easily visualized scene that will link the words together. One example is the Russian word for cow (корова, pronounced roughly karova): think and visualize ‘I ran my car over a cow.’” Sometimes it can be worth spending a minute on creating such a mnemonic to overcome learner's block. And as you apply the word again and again in the apps and the project text, you will soon feel like you don't need the mnemonic anymore.

3 minutes reading

③ Flashcards

Study #81-96 (The cards with P1S6 in the top corner)

Every now and then, pause and think of an actual situation where you could apply the sample sentence on the flashcard in your everyday life. Say the sentence out loud with the corresponding picture in your mind.

13 minutes studying

④ App

Apply your knowledge and learn about the particle ja

App 6
21 minutes studying

image attribution: EladeManu https://www.flickr.com/photos/24141546@N06/8097784516/; a woman in Hamburg

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