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“The dictionary is based on the hypothesis - obviously an unproven one - that languages are made up of equivalent synonyms.” ― Jorge Luis Borges


① Flashcards

Study #81-96 (The cards with P1S6 in the top corner)

After today's ANKI session, you're already a quarter way through the howwedu 512 word list!

13 minutes studying

② Special

We're proud to present you Peter Fox and his song Haus am See. You'll be surprised how much you can understand already - that's the power of a careful choice of vocabulary. Of course you won't understand everything yet, but we provide you with a detailed decoding and translation to help you. Focus on the chorus and have some fun singing along!

Song - Haus am See

③ Project Text

Speak, speak, speak and speak.

project text 1
12 minutes studying

④ App

Apply your knowledge and prepare for the challenging EPIC APP I featuring all the 128 words of the first project.

App 4
21 minutes studying

⑤ Epic App I

Wow! You've just completed your first howwedu project! You're vocabulary is growing, and so the the texts in Project 2 are getting far more interesting. But before proceeding to Project 2, we have another special for you! Epic App I. The Epic Apps feature all 128 words of one project and conclude the projects in serveral respects: Firstly they bring together everything you've already learnt and prepare you for the following project. And then, they constitute the most practical souvenir to help you reactivate your knowledge in the future. With only 4 texts, you can quickly reactivate your entire howwedu vocabulary anytime. If you can keep going, do the Epic App now, if you feel like you'd rather take a break, return to it later before starting the next project!

Epic App I
18 minutes testing yourself

❝Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can; there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did.❞ ‒ Sarah Caldwell

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