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1. text: Active speaking. Make sure that you feel confident about using denn in the context of the text and feel free to read again about other situations where its use is appropriate. ENTER LINK!

2. flashcards: The cards today are taken from the song, so decide yourself whether want to them before  or after today’s special.

3. special: A song! Today we proudly present you one of the best German musicians, Peter Fox, who is also known as a member of the German reggae and dancehall band Seeed. The lyrics of his hit single Haus am See (House by the Lake) show some very frequent German words in a not too poetic use and thus offer perfect language learning material. Enjoy the great music and learn some useful German at the same time. Start with the English translation if you want to and then use the decoding to understand the lyrics. As always, choose between in-video subtitles or printing out the lyrics.
Don’t worry about remembering all the words. We picked the most useful ones and made them part of the flashcard collection!

4. app: Use the decodings to spot the stuctural differences.
& notes: Again: Focus on the examples!

And finally: WOW! That was the last sessions of project one – your first 128 German words. As a take away, we have another project story for you that uses all 128 project words (context 5!). Use it to test yourself in or to reactivate all your vocabulary FAST. (With only four texts, you will be able to repeat the entire course content!)

image attribution: davebloggs007

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